Weekly Virtual Wine Catchups

Staying connected is more important now than ever, so the Grange Community Centre is organising weekly virtual wine catchups (or whatever takes your fancy!) for a chat and check-in with your local neighbours.

Find out more here: https://bit.ly/32YNZm0

2020 is a tough year for most people. Especially if you live in Victoria, we have been staying at home most time and keeping apart from our family and friends for months. It is frustrating and I can imagine how deeply you miss the normal life.

Thanks to technology, we reunited with family and friends through online platforms. It offers us an opportunity to meet them virtually. In the past months, we have been getting used to clicking the button and saying hi to each other on the screen. Even though we miss hugging each other, it is a great relief to see everyone having a smile on their face in a new way.

Besides interpersonal activities, it seems keeping your hobby is harder than ever. For example, it is tough for sports lovers because venues are closed to the public.

Because of the restrictions, it is impossible to do activities as usual. However, does it stop you from doing what you love? Of course no! Many people and businesses are seeing the current situation as a new opportunity. By utilizing the network, people can enjoy themselves while staying at home. Meanwhile, businesses are glad to put more resources online because it attracts more people to join. It is a win-win for both of you coping with the situation.

There are abundant online webinars available for people of different ages. From photography to wine catchups, from virtual travel to painting, there are many more resources you can explore with your family and children by clicking a few buttons. It offers opportunities for you to stay connected with the world and interact with others. It is quite important for our mental health. At the same time, you might get a new hobby through the journey.

It is easy to access these resources and find one in your community which will make you feel so close to the community. Grange Community Centre located in Hoppers Crossings is providing different kinds of online programs. They have organized online Yoga, fitness, playgroup, and even wine catchups! The weekly wine catchups they are organizing is a great opportunity for you to know more about wines and mingle with your local neighbours. Does it sound cool? Head to  https://bit.ly/32YNZm0 for more information to enrich your life.

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