The Benefits of a Smaller Lot of Land

Small lot, big life! Here are some of the major advantages of buying a cozy and compact lot of land on which to build your new home.

Just the Right Amount of Backyard Space

It’s time to break out of the idea that everyone needs a big garden to have a good garden. With a smaller lot, you’ll spend less time on yard maintenance, but enjoy the benefits of outdoor space. Who wants to prune hedges, weed garden beds, rake leaves and mow the lawn every other weekend? 

And with Melbourne’s unpredictable periods of wet, grey weather from autumn through winter and often spring, you may not get value for money with a big yard anyway. Better to move to a neighbourhood that offers wide open spaces in which to relax and play – that you don’t ever have to tend to – right outside your front door. 

Take a look at the virtual tours of a selection of homes, and see for yourself what your backyard could look like on land that’s got a frontage of 12.5m and depth of 23m.

Save Money 

Smaller land lots cost less. They are often relatively more affordable to buy from the outset and other costs, like stamp duty and ongoing council rates, will be lower. You could devote those extra funds to upgrades when building your home (or other investments or even your next big holiday)! Or you could opt to buy land in a connected community that is surrounded by everything you could possibly want that you couldn’t otherwise afford if it was a larger lot. Not to mention, it also costs the planet less to buy only the land you need. As the more sustainable choice, smaller lots take up fewer environmental resources including the land itself and water.

Extra Energy

When buying a smaller block of land, you’ll likely want to build a slightly smaller house too. Again you’ll be spending less time on maintenance (boo to vacuuming, mopping, dusting) and saving cash (yay to lower heating and cooling bills forever). If you’re single, planning to share a home with a good friend or are a couple who might not foresee a gaggle of kids in your future, there will likely be rooms you barely use. Why not skip the cost, time and energy of having these wasted spaces? We’d rather meet friends for dinner, get along to more gigs or go travelling. 

Remember: small doesn’t have to mean cramped. A skilled home designer or modern house and land package easily maximizes available space with smart storage solutions and by combining indoor and outdoor living areas. It’s all about embracing that minimalist life! Plus, you can always go for a double-storey design on a smaller lot – which itself has some distinct benefits including greater privacy, better views and a more impressive facade.


Please use this article as a guide only and seek your own financial and legal advice.

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