New vs Old: the Perks of Building a Brand New Home

To build or not to build: that is the question. There’s a lot of joy in finding a new home; no matter if you’re building it from scratch or moving into an existing home. However, there are some definite benefits to building a new home that you simply can’t find with an old one.


1. When you buy a home that’s yet to be built, you could also be eligible for various discounts and/or offers via your contracted builder. This means potentially tens of thousands of dollars off the total cost to build your home.


2. New homes are good for investors too as they can claim money back via the process of depreciation come tax time. And if you’ve made a smart buy, a newly built home in an emerging suburb may be more likely to increase in value proportionately faster than an existing home in a stagnant suburb.


3. New homes tend to be built in newer areas or suburbs where there’s fresh amenities and up-to-date infrastructure. Be sure to check out budget allocations and future plans from local council and relevant authorities.


4. And because they’re in an emerging suburb, new builds tend to be more affordable or at least better value than existing homes.


5. Your new home comes with a builder’s warranty with new home construction.  It covers items that are usually permanent fixtures of the home, with works to plumbing, electrical, concrete, foundations, roof, ceilings, windows and flooring etc. which covers workmanship and materials related to specific structural items.  General wear and tear are not covered but it does provide coverage for defects up to a certain value and for a certain period of time. Please check relevant State Government websites for further information. These are issued to you by your builder.


6. Avoid cracks and creaks. You’ll find there’s less maintenance and wear and tear from the outset with a new place. Plus, you’ll always find a mystery switch on an old home and you’ll never figure out what it does.


7. You don’t have to take on the time, money, mess and hassle of massive renovations to build a home that’s exactly how you want it. From the very beginning, select your design, colours, fixtures and fittings that suit exactly what you want from day one.


8. It’s easier to make an impact and become involved in a new community than an existing one. Meeting the next door neighbours is easier when you’re all new and plenty are likely to be in a similar stage of life to you.


9. Finally, it’s simply more satisfying to see a new home become a reality when you’ve had a hand in its creation and it’s all yours. Think of all the progress selfies you can take along the way!


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