How to Avoid First Home Buyer Burnout

Townhouse, house or apartment? Custom build, house and land package or existing home? City, country or ‘burbs? There are so many decisions to be made when it comes to buying your first home that it can become overwhelming. 

So how do you avoid buyer burnout when living in a tent or a treehouse simply isn’t an option? Here are ten ways to stay motivated and excited when looking for your new home. 

  1. Don’t start ‘til you’re really ready

Don’t be tempted to start looking at houses in earnest until you’ve done the prep work. It can take time to get your finances in order and physically be able to move locations. Of course, you’ll find – and then miss out on – the perfect home because you’re not ready to sign on the dotted line if you do. Do yourself a favour and skip the heartbreak. 

  1. Give yourself time

Don’t expect to find your new home on your first weekend out. In fact, visit display home villages in the beginning without seriously looking at buying one. This will help you to adjust your expectations and learn about the house-hunting process with an open mind and with no pressure.

  1. Make lists

Whether it’s an old school pen and paper affair or a geek-chic spreadsheet, making a checklist will help you to compare and contrast your options easily without trying to keep facts and figures permanently on your mind. Your sleep cycle will thank you.

  1. Take time off

If your house-hunting journey is taking a while, make sure to book some fun time into your schedule. Perhaps alternate one weekend on, then one weekend off (with all property and real estate talk banned during that time!)

  1. Don’t visit every single possibility

Cull your master list into a shortlist. Call up the agent and ask questions first. If a home doesn’t have everything you need, or you simply can’t afford it, there’s no point in spending time and energy travelling to see it.

  1. Bring a buddy

Mix it up and ask different trusted friends or family members to see a few places with you. Their different perspective and fresh enthusiasm might be just what you need. Limit it to one or two extra people though, so too many opinions don’t have the opposite effect.

  1. Avoid auctions

Property auctions can be fun and thrilling and – occasionally – a bargain. But if you’ve been to a few where the competition is too fierce consider taking a break for a while. Instead, take a look at a few house and land packages or townhomes. They’re a set price and you’ll often find a few similar options in the one place, so it’s a much calmer and predictable process.

  1. Split the work

You may be looking for a new home with a partner, so try visiting displays and open houses for the first time alone. Not only does it double the number of places you can see, but encourages quality conversation about what you both need from a home and the consideration of different viewpoints.  

  1. Remember to have fun

Make a game of it. Try to guess the final sale price at auctions. Count how many real estate buzzwords an agent says in one meeting. Joke about what the jargon in a property listing might really mean. Treat yourselves to fancy coffee or lunch in between appointments.

  1. Know when it’s right

If you’ve found a home that fits your checklist and style, your partner, friends and family like and that is in a good location surrounded by amenities you need, you’ve likely found your first home! It’s time to stop looking at listings online and rubber-necking at any new estates as you drive by. Having more options has been proven to be more confusing than helpful. When it’s right, it’s just right. 

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