4 Home Appliances that Make Life More Fun!

Your newly built home is on its way. Now’s the time to dream about what to put in it! Here are some suggestions of some not-so-ordinary appliances that will make your everyday life that bit more fun.


  1. Refresh Butler

Robot butlers exist but, sadly, they aren’t yet affordable. But a Refresh Butler is a luxury that’s within reach. These units can be stand-alone or built into your closet and they essentially smooth out wrinkles and get rid of odours from your clothes. Cut down on dry cleaning and mountains of ironing while treating your couture to a little TLC? Yes please.


Also consider: You’ve heard of time-saving robot vacuum cleaners. Did you know robot lawn mowers and robot floor mops are also a thing now too? You can also buy rubbish bins that will make a shopping list out of whatever products you throw away. 


  1. Sub-Zero Fridge

If food is life, these fridges are for you. As opposed to regular refrigerators, sub-zero appliances don’t share air between multiple fridge and freezer compartments. This means some stay cool and moist while the others keep cold and dry. Your meal-prep Sunday dishes will last much longer, smell better and you’ll cut down on food waste too.


Also consider: A mini-fridge that comes to you when called (no kidding – this was just invented!).


  1. The Ultimate Coffee Machine 

You definitely want a coffee machine that works via WiFi so that you can order your favourite brew before you even get out of bed. Some deluxe models can also roast and grind specialty beans. How many brownie points will you get if you thoughtfully set this treat up for your partner each morning? 


Also consider: Your best friend deserves daily treats too. So try an automatic dog feeder. Some smart models will even entertain your pup for you by throwing toys and treats and allowing you to view and talk through them whenever you leave the house.


  1. Robot Bartender

If you’re fond of the idea of cocktail hour, you can recreate it at home in an instant with the help of a robot bartender like Barsys. These are machines that you pre-load with bottles so they can mix your favourite Friday night negroni, martini and a large range of other drinks on demand. Cheers to that!


Also consider: If you want to spend a little less, look for a Perfect Drink Pro. This smart digital scale and app helps you to balance drink recipes with precision. Or simply opt for a portable fresh ice maker so that you can move the party to the backyard or any room in your home.

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